finished NUTS today.

MVP goes to Camera #2, we went through a lot together and they never once let me down.


[new itch playlist] 

📻 podcast games 🎧

games that spare you the cycles.

took me just over four years to realise it's meant to be read as "bee's wing" rather than "bee swing" and i'm going to have to reëvaluate and revisit within this dramatically altered context.


i've always used a private spreadsheet to keep track of what i've played over the years, and now finally because The Fans demanded it, i've made a public-facing version~

Whatcha playing, Nick?

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starting a ⚜coudonc🥐 collection on itch, if you're interested or have suggestions for other games or emoji.

it's hard to express in screenshots but's "A Shopping Trip to Eklan Tor" is everything i ever wanted from VR, oh my goodness.

i'm gonna be part of this at 3EST:

students at long island U made one game a week for a semester, and some folk are streaming our playthroughs.

vid! eogames!

since it's about that time in the Great Cycle when people are all rewatching BSG, might i suggest you also take a look at

House of the Dying Sun

the tense dogfights of galactica, with a narrative voice like a spiteful emperor of dune.

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