just saw the national theatre production of frankenstein with cumberbatch & miller and guess whose monster i felt some weird solidarities with.


ah, crisis averted!

i believe the latest issue of EDGE has RDR2 on the cover but it also features an interview with sam & i w/r/t GNOG.

we were initially only going to get one copy because apparently R* cleaned out all promo copies for themselves 🤔

but i spoke to the interviewer and i have another one coming my way :)

cc @darius && @dunk, ty ty regardless.

does edge magazine for video computer games only publish in the UK?

can someone in the UK purchase a copy of edge magazine for video computer games, in particular the issue featuring GNOG, the video game?

and then hold it in trust until such time as i can acquire said magazine from said trust?

just bought some at a nearby posh interior decor shop that also has an aisle of "english and english-adjacent sweets and stuff."

@Portablecity @charlesrandall
actually just finished listening to the whole album and holy heck dead eyes, red skies has me dialed right in.

i feel ready to move to scotland now that i know that irn bru is basically orange-coloured cream soda.

by a process of elimination i believe it may be the former.

not sure if it's unnameable despair keeping me awake or if i just have to pee.

in any setting i often wonder how long it will take before i'm found out.

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