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mh-, violence 

it's like that scene with Ziggy in The Wire

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mh-, violence 

[comedian voice]
when you snap your glasses in two, enraged at your own meekness (i asked for paper, they gave plastic, i said nothing), you may need to go back to therapy.


hoping to play a few of Jacob Potterfield's wander games tomorrow morning, and some Genesis Noir on saturday.

~9h30-10h30 EDT



we're working hard to make sure Goodbye Volcano High supports a wide range of devices.

the lesser forbidden thrill of running a testing test to test your unit tests and finding a legitimate failing test elsewhere in your project.

today i'm being gaslit by:
* software (unity)
* hardware (debian server)
* our landlord (whyyy)


i don't know why the windows start menu is propositioning me like a bald guy leaning out of a van hawking porno tapes on VHS.


and to think that a mere month ago i was staring into my hands muttering "i don't know what to do" repeatedly and to no one in particular.

well i’ve been wide awake since 2h30, might as well lean into it. how are things in
[waves to the east]


actually the poll shows coderre got 67% approval among 18-34 people.


[a dread wind howls]
[the Third Bell tolls]
[a voice whispers...]

march: shrimp.

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