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it's friday which mean's we're
kickin' in the front seat
sittin' in the back seat
slammin' in the back of my dragula


now that québec's general rollout is announced, i plan to take advantage of everyone being busy booking vaccines to book a table at the au pied de cochon sugar shack.

the wordnik api is still broken but @notpodracing continues to give the gift of anakin sniping everyone in this unnecessary video call for not podracing.

the eternal struggle of whether i should wash and keep this newly-empty glass jar.

movie quote, language, implied violence 

*me standing on the desk at the head of the 20th century american media studies class*

*any* of you fucking pricks mentions tarantino, and i'll fail every last motherfucking one of you


a few days ago a bug bit me on the 🍆 and i am not enjoying this.

all i'm saying is Big Arugula missed a huge opportunity to license Dragula for an arugula awareness campaign.

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who needs an alarm & coffee when you've got myopia and something crawling up your arm

how do i find tattoos in montreal if i'm not on insta tbh

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