Yesterday I added like six crushed cardamom pods to a pot of regular old peppermint tea and I don't want to drink anything else ever again!

we spent some time this morning trying to define what the holy spirit is. the closest we got is "the feeling of connectedness to an omnipresent god"??

like I do every year, I forgot to cancel my Apple developer membership before it renewed this morning. should I ... write my own mastodon client

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please tell me what is your favorite mastodon app for iOS!

realized I think Cher is hot in Moonstruck because she reminds me of Tim Curry

who can say where the road goes / for whom the bell tolls / only time

Why yes, I watched Moonstruck twice this week.

true life: I'm never sure if I'm using the word "hegemony" correctly

recommended image search: tree with googly eyes

confused death metal and doom metal in replying to an email from a friend in a doom metal band and I'm pretty ashamed of my mistake!

Throwing all my nervous energy into helping a friend who asked for an accountability buddy on a big project they're very behind on. It's possibly helping me more than it is them!

not putting enough effort into forming this but: something about Lays "Ruffles Have Ridges" and penne rigate

don't recognize my hands as mine when the nails are even a little bit long

A friend who works at a bookstore dropped off a book I bought, which was very nice of him, and totally unthinking, I offered him some Iranian pistachios my parents sent, embarrassing both of us when he refused them for obvious reasons :(

Ok I will ask: can someone tell me ... what Animal Crossing is

Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo is finishing up a set on WFMU and this website for it is my favorite website I've seen in a LONG time

Listening to a super awesome talk by @jomc at the Times and Friend Camp came up as an example of distributed communities!

cool of me to post this minutes after joining a service i don't understand the privacy settings of

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