Hi! I'm a senior full-stack webdev looking for a job that can offer one (or more!) of the following:

β€’ contract work (ideally 3-6 months)
β€’ part-time work (20-25 hours a week)
β€’ work outside of traditional tech industry and culture
β€’ nonprofits, coops, and other non-public non-venture-capital organizations
β€’ engineering teams that are majority women or majority queer
β€’ a $250,000 salary or better

Please lmk if you have any leads!

Resume: https://clarity.flowers/resume.html

Boosts appreciated

from ANTs.

printf (print formatted)
sprintf (string print formatted)
jprintf (jean print formatted)

MarkovJunior is a probabilistic programming language where programs are combinations of rewrite rules and inference is performed via constraint propagation.


hi friends, I'm maruki, a very pixel artist and animator
I'm opening extra commission slots this month.
DMs are open. Prices are negotiable.
maruki [@] http://lostalloy.com πŸ’Œ
RToots appreciated πŸ’œ
#pixelart #γƒ‰γƒƒγƒˆη΅΅

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