"At least half" of Lemony Snicket's work actually written by his wife Citronella, according to new memoir by his daughters Clementine and Valencia Snicket

i have a new crush and i want to have dinner with them every night

p.s. this is the book that the newly-released penguin, whose name is apparently Philip, wrote:


Penguin: I had a lot of time to kill in the slammer - that's what we call the zoo - so I started reading. Matthews, Perec, Queneau... and then I started writing.

I got an email with the subject NEWLY RELEASED PENGUIN BOOK OF OULIPO and I really want it to be a book written by a newly-released penguin

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Day 12 of Pewvember: Sgt. Fuddrick Fungermust of the Outer Scouts describes, in their own words, the events of the Battle of Harblon Nebula.

muscat grapes are so unusual and delicious because they combine the contrasting flavors of cat and mus

bouillabaissian statistics
at last boole, bayes, and soup are all together

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astronomy question that never occurred to me before: is the sun spinning?

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11th Day of Pewvember: when the backwash of a beam transport passes over your little town, it makes your teeth rattle in your skull

(post includes audio clip)

my neighborhood is mostly converted to very bright white LED streetlights but there’s this one half of one block with old orange lamps, and when i walked under them without realizing it i felt like i was walking into a movie set or a nostalgic painting.

i go down that block all the time and hadn’t noticed this before - had those
two lamps been converted to LED and recently changed back to sodium vapor? or did i just ... not notice!

pretty good jazz band playing in the station and i was tempted to buy a cd until i remembered i have no cd readers or players

i’m at W4 station and i want to catch a F or B train but not a D or M


we have a new Municipal Liaison - ‘caffeinatedwords’ - which is definitely more homestuck than achewood. What happened to MusesOfBacchus???

tiny pleasures 

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