another fun livestream: cartoonist Evan Dahm playing weird animations he's collected

live right now but should be replayable later...

Free food for anyone in New York City (not just schoolkids), via dept. of education

Virtual toy theater festival tonight at 7:30 new york time!

(sorry - facebook: )

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Runway is looking for research residents:

We are trying out a new format for our Something-in-Residence program for these times: A 3-week paid web residency in April for creatives working with machine intelligence.
Apply now!"

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My absolutely amazing hackerspace friends in NYC are part of this effort that is successfully supplying hospital staff with needed PPE. In this link you can both send donations and gets schematics for making equipment for the hospitals around you:

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Full process of making metal type #letterpress #Ikarus #typography 

cartoon nudity and absurdism 

switching back and forth between the uptown live music stream and the downtown live music stream

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Please come by as soon as possible. We're ready for you.

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🌏 Descriptive catalogue of the nests & eggs of birds found breeding in Australia and Tasmania /
Sydney: F.W. White, general printer, 1889.

amazing selfluv instagram filter by my friend Karl (make sure sound is on when you play the video!)

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