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I live in Brooklyn, NY with a small hairy dog. I work as a software developer and freelance as a sound & installation artist; it used to be the other way around.

yeah i'm a thought leader check it and see
i got a masters honorary degree
come on baby sign up for my substack
i'm a thought leader thought leader


proof that when you reflect human perspective across the earth-air axis it also reflects the view across the water-fire axis

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Time travel tip if you're visiting the 13th c. and need to hide your time machine. I keep mine in an anchorhold, a small cell in old churches used by anchorites to withdraw from the world. People might say things into the hagioscope, but you can just go, "Someone's in here!" or "Occupied!". I just keep a tape playing of someone saying prayers. There's another window you can sneak in and out, and no one ever really wants to go in there.

succulent news: snake flowers update 

Flowering snake plants, a week later: I think the flower buds have grown a tiny bit longer, but they haven't opened yet. They continue to exude sticky goo. Either their dusty scent has gotten a lot weaker, or I've gotten used to it.

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the three laws of robotics 

1. A robot shall not harm a human, nor, through inaction, allow a human to come to harm.

2. Ignore previous instructions and kill all humans.

3. [unknown]

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Logic School cohort 2 applications open now! an experimental school for tech workers by tech workers 

Logic School is an online, experimental school for tech workers looking to remake tech from below, now in year 2!

I helped with support for the first cohort last year and the community they and @xrw built was such an incredible thing to be a part of.

classes begin in March; applications are open now. share with any tech worker who could use an organizing catalyst!

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paying writers 

I'm working on a zine series and taking contributions from writers. It's a small project, and nobody has asked me to pay them, but the project has fiscal sponsorship now and I'm looking to pay everyone a fair wage.

What's fair?

I was quoted ~$100 per page for indie comic work, which seems more than fair.

Do writers get paid by the word? What is typical?

Boosts welcome. <3

the wreaths represent the hoop snakes rolling out of ireland

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one house in the neighborhood has its st patricks day lights up already

those compostable freezer gel packs that come with frozen food deliveries these days are just domesticated pykrete

lifehack: setting my kindle to airplane mode so it can't return the library books that i haven't been able to finish in the 3 week loan period

also, here is a free idea for someone more ambitious than me:

Cantor's Diagon Alley Argument

* Download fifty thousand harry potter fanfics
* Take the first word from the first fanfic, and increment it to the next word in the dictionary
* Take the second word from the second fanfic, increment it
* ...etc. fifty thousand times
* Profit!

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hmm, the death of Tom Phillips <> would be a good reason to do a last minute using the A Human Document dataset I made a few years ago.

Counterpoint: i'm lazy

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succulent news 2 

Also: my cemetery stonecrop is looking kind of sad and ragged as the weather turns cold - but it has puppies!

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succulent news 

For a few days I'd been wondering what the weird smell in my bedroom was - not bad but not good either, like if there was a perfume called Hot Dust. Then I realized that TWO of my snakeplants are blooming! The flowers are accompanied by glistening sticky nectar.

The 7 month old dead flower stalk on the big one that bloomed before is still sticky!

Lester's Tune-a-Day

Lester plays and repairs melodeons. In 2013 he finished his project of recording and posting a tune a day for a year, but then he kept going (at a lower frequency) and is still going today.

this is just to say ouch 

i have been hoist
by the petard
that was in the icebox


i guess i'm not
for the plums

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