scifi mockumentary tv series starring Monty Don wearing prosthetic ears or something called _Gardens of the Galaxy_. i did not and will not web search to see if i'm the first to come up with this

i never saw guardians of the galaxy so as far as i know this is a bit in that movie. does not change the fact that a show with this concept and format would be the most amazing thing ever

okay apparently "gardens of the galaxy" was a whole thing like two years ago. but I really want a fictional scifi gardening show? I guess I'll just have to watch No Man's Sky farming tutorials, that's the closest thing I can think of

video game complaining 

video game complaining 

i feel like you could write a phd thesis on any given square yard of nyc sidewalk but you could only write ~1.5 paragraphs on an equivalent area of any nms planet (without immediately diving into general software/platform materiality). (i'm risking operationalizing "interestingness" here which isn't what i mean—i don't think the interestingness of these two artifacts can be compared, but this is why procgen for me is always an exploration of systems & aesthetics, not stand-in for "content")

the primary failure of procgen in nms being that it exists almost purely to bolster a kind of verisimilitude of the infinite—as galaxy set dressing, essentially. very different even from (eg) random gear in borderlands 2, which offers no verisimilitude ("infinite different guns!" isn't an important part of the fiction) but *does* materially affect how you play the game (watching out for drops, adjusting strategies for drops that are good in some ways but substandard in others)

absolutely no idea why i'm still tooting about this, all i wanted was monty don dressed up as spock


@aparrish he looks way more like a doctor who than a spock to me

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