Day 3!

Messed around with some of my colored pens and some nicer paper courtesy of @janelastname!

The last pic is a logic error that looked rad. It would destroy any pen and paper I tried to print it on, so it is presented only in screenshot form.

(reposting because I forgot I can set things to be federated)


Day 4 on the pen plotter!

A circular maze, overlaid a few times.

Possibly headache inducing.

I'm also trying out documenting everything in a git repo:


day 5 on the pen plotter!

Everybody gets to do some sine wave shapes on the plotter, right? They're so satisfying!

Day 7 of on the plotter!

Messing with line thickness. I keep filling out the page when I should really leave more white space.

It's hard making the transition from my demo display on the screen to how it'll look on an actual page!

Day 8 of on the plotter!

I got about 3 hours into a different plot before realizing that I hated it so I simplified it and got this.

Noise patterns look so good on the plotter. It feels like cheating!

Day 9 of on the plotter!

Obelisks made from an error I got a few days ago.

Day 10 of on the plotter!

Knot pattern with distortion and frayed edges.

There are some minor errors I'd love to fix, but this print took 4.5 hours so I don't think it's going to happen today.

Day 11 of on the plotter!

Messing around with some circle fills. I couldn't make up my mind so I tried a few prints.

This one was fun because it spits out really different compositions every time I run it.

Day 12 of on the plotter!

We got come concentric circles and they're all out of phase! Just a quick one today because I have to get ready to teach.

For whatever reason, Tuppy loves to curl up in his crate when the plotter is running. He’s pretty lukewarm on it most of the time, but I guess he likes the sound???

Day 13 of on the plotter!

Playing with noise fields again (they're so fun).

Busted out the metallic pens and the big 18"x12" paper that just about takes up the whole canvas bed.

Day 14 of on the plotter!

Variation on yesterday's noise field. Gold ink on large black paper. Feels ~fancy~

Day 15 of on the plotter!

Last night I wrote up some tools for my gcode library to help with occlusion. Today I had some fun with it by making a Thumper monster.


@andy don't let them communicate 😬

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