i love diagrams, and i just learned that Beauchamp-Feuillet Notation exists. it's way more organic looking than Labanotation!

@nessotropheion I know that labanotation is a notation for choreography, so I'm guessing that's what this is all about.

And the diagrams are beautiful.

CC: @ranjit

@ranjit oh yeah! there was a book about one of these notations mentioned in another book I read and I was very miffed that I couldn't find it

@ranjit this had to be the inspiration for old gallifreyan

@ranjit This reminded me of a thing i bookmarked ages ago, A forum thread about experimental music notation, it's a fun thing to scroll through.

@conatus @ranjit Thank you for sharing this!! Rediscovered the joys of John Stump from that thread.

@ranjit ...looks pretty much like vulcan script...or the other way around :-)

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