It’s loopiest time of the year! is here!

I’m trying to make videos for each loop, and posting them on Instagram because videos loop there. Loop 1:

4 partial cover of a Bulgarian folk song I learned from 3 Mustaphas 3: Mamo, Snezhets Navalyalo (Mama, the snow is falling)

Video at

6 Stan Alexander

(my personal laptop finally gave up the ghost, and the only cutup tool i have on the work laptop is imovie!)

video at

7 “Go outside. Shut the door.” - oblique strategies. All sounds recorded on one side or the other of my door today.

Video at but not very interesting video

8 "Toynbee's idea in 2001" - this one kind of got away from me.

Please watch the video, either on instagram or in the next post - i am very "proud" of it.

8 video - it won't loop here but it is too much something not to post here anyway.

9 inspired by @christa's video of turkey vultures soaring (you can see my processed version of the video on instagram: )

16e strumming and starting Animal Crossing with the switch resting on the guitar pickup

17e that time when i managed to smash yet another of my hand-blown glass musical instruments but at least i managed to catch the sound in the looper

number I don’t even know, but I was drifting off to sleep and this tune popped into my head, chanted by a women’s chorus but this’ll have to do.

@ranjit these all sound like the tracks played against Adventure Time title cards. Wonderful!

@paul thank you!

i've never seen Adventure Time - i guess i should?

@ranjit this makes me feel like I'm about to watch a cool educational video

@ranjit oooo, I could really imagine this as like, the heart of an intro to something - it's a good vibe!

- a Packbat 🎒 ✨

@ranjit oof - glad you could record it, at least.

- a Packbat 🎒💧

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