warmheartedly without art is just warmheedly

bipartisanship without art is just bipisanship

compartmentalization without art is just compmentalization


ramparts without art are just ramps

bartending without art is just bending

tartan without art is just tan

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> tartan without art is just tan
this explains utilikilts

@Ranjit as a person who use to have to care about tartan professionally, allow me to introduce Waggrall sett — tartanregister.gov.uk/tartanDe

Many people in the industry consider it was made for a dare. It looks unbelievably awful as a swatch

@scruss heheh, tartan without art indeed. But now i'm more curious about your previous life as a tartan-professional!

@Ranjit it was for my dad, who was a director of a Scottish woollens company. Back then, the registry was privately held, and Dad's company had bought the company that ran it

As a far too young programmer, they thought I could write kiosk software. I produced not even a terrible demo. They saw sense and hired a professional

This is when the first DeskJet 500C colour printers were affordable, so I'm dating myself badly

There are some amazingly ugly tartans

@scruss now i'm curious whether the tartan DB has an underlying TDL (tartan description language, of course) that generates the images, or are they just images?

is that what the "threadcount information" is, that you need an account to see?

@scruss ...and of course there's a javascript library for parsing tartans


@Ranjit I didn't know about that

Way back when I archived this project, that uses a slightly different thread file format: github.com/scruss/holestone-ta

My own tartan, Galbraith, is quite decent. For $reasons, Russell and Galbraith share a tartan 'cos we're lowlanders

@Ranjit to go back to the email/login thing required it was more of a friendly "hey, what are you doing with our data?" than anything else. The Tartan Centre have had problems with people trying to download all the data, and as a cultural archive, they do have a responsibility to curate the data.

Anyone can register a tartan, and the registry used to actively suggest registrations for designs people were using, hence

@scruss ps I wanted to know this Womble’s name, and fortunately google figured it out for me

@Ranjit I have issues around the Wombles (band), as when I was 4, the band was supposed to open the new local shopping centre but we got a knockoff band in terrible (scary, hollow-eyed) costumes miming to the music. Capitalism has disappointed me for the 48 years since then

@scruss understandable! So by this point, things like tartan inconsistencies are just another drop in the bucket

@Ranjit second order for sure.

Uncle Bulgaria's checked shawl might be a little simple to define as a tartan

cartels without art are just cels
cartons without art are just cons
cartoons without art are just coons
cartouches without art are just couches

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