Somebody once told me
The plums were sweet and cold he
“Discovered” in the icebox this morning.
He was looking kind of smug
With his evasions and his shrug
When I asked if he left any for me.

@ranjit The notes keep coming and they don't stop coming?

@erinbee maybe I should’ve moved in with e.e.cummings

@ranjit I’ve been missing variations on the plum poem, so thank you 👀👍🏻😁

and I said, what about the plums in the icebox
And she said I think I ate those last night
And as I recall, I think they were both so sweet and so cold
And I said well I was saving those for breakfast

@KatEmm @Ranjit It's been
One week since you had those plums
They're in the ice box and so cold
Three days since the living room
You realized it's all my fault just a moment too soon
Forgive me
They were so cold.
And so delicious

@ranjit I said mayyyybe
I'm gonna eat the plums you're saving
cause after all
they're so sweet and cold

it’s been
one night since you cooled your plums
thought you’d get up this morning and eat some
five hours since I ate them up
Cold, sweet, delicious, I guess I’d say I fucked up

@joshmillard @ranjit

Hello icebox my old friend
I've come to eat your plums again

@joshmillard @ranjit

Billie's plums are in my icebox
they're just the one that taste delicious and sweet
so the plums I had to eat

@dogwelder @joshmillard @Ranjit

I'm eatin' up your plums
So soft and cool up against my gums
Went to the icebox for something to eat
First thing that I learned was that they were so good and sweet
I'm eatin' up your plums

"Hey white boy, what's that in your mouth?"
"Looks like my breakfast plans just went South"
Oh pardon me sir, I guess you were saving
Them for your breakfast but you took too long shaving
I'm eating up your plums

@joshmillard @ranjit it's been seven hours and sixteen minutes
since you took my plums away
i eat tangerines and week old grapes
since you took my plums away

@phooky @joshmillard @Ranjit

late night
come home
want plums
fridge go!

he left me a note on the pad
this roommate situation's bad

(say it ain't so…)

@jleedev @joshmillard @ranjit coming out of your fridge
and they're tasting just fine
got to get them all down
because I want them all
it started out with a plum
how did it end up so dumb
it was only a plum, it was only a plum

@ranjit Well the plums keep coming and they don't stop coming?


He was a boy
She was a girl
How come there aren't more plums at all?
Laid on the ice
Sealed in the box
And now they're all gone

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