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pangola (extinct)
pangocello (extinct)
bass pangol (extinct)


(yes i did this gag on twitter a few years back but it feels like time to revive it, with an illustration this time!)

@clinkingdog i have a cheap-ass electric violin and a pitch shifter (and i don't know how to use either one)

unhelpful reviews 

@clinkingdog that narrows it down!

the way i chose mine was (1) very cheap and (2) available to ship within a week

@joshmillard i recommend taking a deep breath, holding it for at least ten seconds, and then humming into a comb covered with tissue paper for the next 8 hours (i.e. nature's vocoder)

@tripofmice in my opinion that is too many imo, just saying

pandemic plumbing 

@phooky yup, you got brass mice

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The Disquiet Junto challenge inspired by my bot InstrumentBot is in, and the results are marvelous. https://llllllll.co/t/disquiet-junto-project-0444-bot-ensemble/34099

I finally got around to doing a Disquiet Junto challenge for the first time in ages, because the challenge this time is to take inspiration from @sculpin's wonderful InstrumentBot!

Here's my entry: llllllll.co/t/disquiet-junto-p

@tripofmice i guess we've gone from cats to bands to scooping crap, so we're back to cats

@tripofmice p.s. dibs on "velvety void" as a shoegaze band and/or album name

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The toddler just started yelling "FISH FOOD IS FISH"

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a computational graph's gloss of MACAROSIA 

@GLOSSATORY mosquito mammals: dracula bats

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