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cheating and copying this from my .social account but:

I like:

-beer/brewing beer
-prog metal / math rock / pop punk / lo-fi hip hop / some vapor
-video games and shit
-junk food
-board / card games
-having small get-togethers with friends
-cool comics and books
-pointless funny shit
-staying busy and occupied

I don't like

-folding laundry
-being at parties with tons of people / forced socialization
-a series of events going horribly wrong
-violation of basic human rights

undecided whether i'll leave up or not, but i may! i've really enjoyed my time here so i'm not gonna call it just yet

most of you have probably gotten follow requests by now but i'm moving over to ! i'm hosting an instance there and so I'll be hanging out there and bringing some cool irl friends onboard

i'm going to watch some football* now

*read a book

more simpsons pixel art 

this morning i've been working on Gunter

i'm playing mini metro on pc and for some reason it's a way better experience than on my phone. i don't know if it's the game or if it's me - probably me. i don't think i was in the right headspace last time.

i enjoy following people whose interests align maybe 50-60% with mine, and then the other 40-50% is something new that i get to learn about

i don't know if my pixel art is actually good... i know my lighting is off but it's super fun to do and i guess i'll only get better if i do it this way

alright i think i'm done with homer

but now i just want to make this into a whole big image with tons of different bits going on, like a tattoo sleeve

well this sucks, it's not even 7 and my body wants to sleep already

My method of rebellion today was telling them that my drink was "for here" and then promptly leaving

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Selfie, no eye contact 

Thanks, random strand of hair

alright well i guess it's time for me to get up and try to accomplish the few things i wanted to do today before the day is gone

stay cool mastofriends

seasons changing also reminds me: i'm going to be asking for help / advice on some home reno projects in the near future i think. maybe not reno but like, what is the best way to fix up this thing or that. people are still using the hashtags and stuff right?

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