i don't normally do this
but the dog down the street
that has been barking continuously for the past hour
may not be a good dog

"wow, the universe at my fingertips, think of it, there must be countless intelligent species to discover"
NMS: "no, just five."

all major unity plugins should come with a checkbox that just says "don't"

i feel a hair somewhere on my face that can't be found, and in this i sense the doom of men.

@nicknicknicknick this is literally an hourly problem for me, wearing glasses, and having 3 cats and a dog

@nicknicknicknick plus fans all over the house actually

but like i can't change many of these things really, especially in the summer

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i'm of polish and hungarian stock and yet somehow that innate capacity for beardedness escapes me, which i can't claim as either blessing or curse...

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