Hey folks I haven't signed in for a while but here is a sunrise/sunset photo pair from Qaraqosh, a tiny village in northern Iraq. Cool being out here but hopefully y'all will still be cool to virtually hang with when I'm back in a more synchronizable timezone

Today's class covered:

- binary, data representation, and utf-8
- lists and strings
- loops (while and for)
- modulo and ranges
- writing files
- reading files

I worry I'm going too fast but they all seem to be keeping up, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Using Python as the base, which I'm still somewhat skeptical about but I think it gives the most flexibility in terms of what they can do with it afterwards.

Unless they want to do GUI or web frontend stuff in which case 😬

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Today I started the summer programming class I'm teaching to fellow Jesuits in my house. We covered:

- compiled vs interpreted languages
- basic math
- variable types+conversion (string, int, float)
- string concatenation
- difference between float and int
- REPL vs file
- taking input from CLI
- if/else

And they have a set of exercises (not homework!) to practice the stuff we went over. Feels like it went ok!

Since I'm in a holding pattern waiting to travel, I have some bandwidth. Plenty of my own writing and programming projects, but if anyone knows of a place Doing Good™ that could use an extra set of programming hands, lemme know. (Polyglot => C/C++, Python, JS/TS, Ruby, Lua, R, can usually pick up whatever pretty quickly | documentation, build scripts, 3D stuff, systems work, frontend/backend, etc.)

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