My kids were in a production of Guys & Dolls that ended today. Afterwards there was a cast party and the cast were "shooting craps" outside the theatre. A "concerned citizen" called the cops on them for trespassing. Thankfully the fuzz were chill and realized it was just a bunch of kids winding down from an intense few months of effort. Still I'd like to thank some rando-citizen for giving my kids a "true to the musical" experience of having the cops come and bust up their "illegal" craps game.

Advent of Code 2022 

A little behind but I've completed "Rock Paper Scissors" - Day 2 - Advent of Code 2022

Elon Musk, tabletop games 

You can find more games from these folks at

I think they are normal, sane people but I'm never sure anymore when I link to an indie creator if I'm linking to a bozo or not.

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Elon Musk, tabletop games 

I've seen a few "Elon Musk" reminders floating around so here's mine:

Reminder there's a micro-game called _Elon Musk's Ipod Submarine_ where you must "provide stupid solutions to serious problems."

advent of code 

I just completed "Calorie Counting" - Day 1 - Advent of Code 2022

lol, 301 times. that DJ mix album is a banger so i get it.

free US national parks pass for disabled folks 

TIL that if you can prove permanent disability (eg doctor’s note, document from the VA, SSI, SSDI, or a state agency) you qualify for a lifetime national parks pass

twitter degradation watch 

more anecdotal accounts:

broken notifications, stale timelines, incorrect tweet meta data (though this has always been busted), individual tweets refusing to load (i've seen this myself - they'll show up sometimes and not others)

#Metatext 1.7.0:

- Swipe anywhere to navigate back
- Added Basque, Greek, Hebrew, Brazilian Portuguese, and Swedish translations
- Updated translations for other languages
- Bug fixes

Now available:

Hey Mastodon. I co-founded a website specifically for trans voices because mainstream media and politicians keep talking about us but never let us be part of that conversation.

Check out some of our cool shit;

@lmorchard for your personal instance of mastodon, what server profile (cpu/ram/disk) did you use (assuming a typical cloud VM setup?)

@lmorchard also your homepage is bad ass and inspirational. (haven't looked at it in ages) I might have to borrow some ideas...


possible Twitter degradation of service example:

i could see Twitter slowly dying like this, death by a 1000 annoying UX experiences

@alexhillman just wanted to say hi! I respect that you've been on the community building grind this whole time. I can't believe we met on Twitter in 2005 and survived the hellsite for the better. keep on keeping on.

drum'n'bass music toot 

I'm not really jazzed about seeing music in cramped indoor spaces still so being able to watch QUIX drop a Drum'N'Bass set live on Youtube is my jam:

// TODO @@SM: make this line of code more salient

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