An older post from last month but yes, preach friend: "The big idea is to think of prototyping not as a single costly effort to build and verify a single guess, but as a way to learn, to uncover what we don't know, to find the best way forward for the unanswered question at hand."

One of the biggest challenges I've faced in design work is convincing people that prototyping multiple solutions is not "throwing work away." The learning experience is invaluable and the goal of prototyping is not to find a golden path from prototype code -> production code. You are working out the edge cases of different solutions to your problems and massively reducing the amount of risk you are carrying into your development process.


Now if you are the software architect attached to a prototyping effort - by all means - please find the bits of code that might have life after the prototyping effort so you can save some poor soul a bit of time in the next phase. Totally valid exercise, just not the primary goal.

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