In less social media navel gazing news - I'm *super* looking forward to this _potential_ new SciFi RPG setting from one of the co-authors of Atomic Robo:

BAD MOONS RISING was just a page-flipping fun sci-fi read. I'm not sure it pushed any new boundaries in this space but it was tightly written and came at a time when I badly needed a page turner. The main character is a bad ass, her starship has a lot of character, and I think the setting has all the bones for an RPG.

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@objelisks i had mostly left the comment as my way of saying "job well done!" with obviously aspiration hopes... was blown away to hear it is past ideation stage. it is a "western" sci-fi cyberpunk-ish setting with room to have some playfulness and critical thinking at the same time. could be a lot of fun.

@soypunk definitely gonna pick it up, ive read all of atomic robo and was a big fan of his webcomic stuff back in the day

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