@lmorchard for your personal instance of mastodon, what server profile (cpu/ram/disk) did you use (assuming a typical cloud VM setup?)

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@soypunk Well, ill-advisedly as an experiment, my instance is currently running on a spare PC in my basement with a pair of remote ports forwarded for HTTP & WSS out to a tiny $20/yr VM with a bunch of network allowance. The PC has 32GB ram and a few TB of space.

@lmorchard pretty sure there's no "right answer" to this question at the moment.

@soypunk @lmorchard FWIW I run GoToSocial in a container on my DigitalOcean VM, using SQLite as storage. 2 vCPU, 2 GB RAM. Load rarely hits 0.5.

Still very alpha, but Works On My Machine™ well enough. Full-on Mastodon is way more than I need for a personal server.

@skippy @soypunk I've got the GoToSocial repo checked out on my dev machine, been meaning to check it out!

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