Cooking adventures: Vegan Pizza “Baozones” last night and doughnuts this morning.

car violence's homepage right now has this looping GIF of "dangerous" car driving but it also looks like every car commercial shown in the United States (minus that cool looking laser show.)

perhaps we should also dial down the "doing BAD ASS SHIT" in our personal car marketing? it is not just the movies giving folks ideas. the car was sold to them with the idea that they could go off-roading, race through the city, "corners on rails" and all other manner of non-sense. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Been busy relocating my life from family sabbatical mode to regular family mode back in Los Angeles. BUT, next week I get to take a breather and see Alison Wonderland. Squeee.

My youngest is very into crochet and helped me come up with a pattern to replicate the new “LO-LA” droid from the Obi Wan Kenobi TV show.

ranting about American car-centric culture 

Really love the mindset of pedestrian shaming that is so prominent in America. Here's a completely unrelated transit article in a local community paper where the only comment is a nasty one from someone who I guess does not believe that pedestrians have the right-of-away.

Apparently I cannot escape poor air quality due to fire smoke no matter where I go (on vacation in Washington State from Southern California)

Friend Camp

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