@chartier can you put your AT&T box into "bridge mode"? that's what one would usually do in this situation.

@chaosmeister I’ve played around with Dice Legions a bit (it was unofficially out before Modiphius signed them to a deal) and I see some promise with it. Don’t see any reason why you could it play it solo. Skirmish (Biscuit Fund Games) and DiceWars (Solipsist Press) are somewhat similar if you are curious to try others.

@chaosmeister I've been playing it since the original version but I mostly use battle mats with counters or dice and I also use powerpoint with digital tokens sometimes. I don't have space for terrain and minis sadly.

Atlanta recommendations? 

@jomc reached out to my ATL friend and they suggested:

- beltline.org (you can walk there from Cabbagetown)
- Krog Street Market
- Summerhill area
- Downtown Decatur
- Carrol Street cafe
- Littles food market (good old fashioned burgers)
- "Really anything over there is good."
- Estoria for "hipster shit"

@darius @konahart oooh, I had no idea there was a dice.camp! awesome.

Feeling pretty good right now about my decision to delete my 15 year old Twitter account last December. Still have the same feelings about the western tech world in general: it is terrible.

Work wise I'm transitioning into a CTO role for a small company that I've been a consultant with since 2004~ They are doing good & honest work with "boring" technology (my favorite kind!)

Most recently we were in New York City and saw five Broadway shows in three days thanks to some successful rush, lottery, and "tkts booth" tickets. It was a blast!

Oh and my family and I have been on sabbatical for a bit. We bicycled the West Coast of the United States which you can relive through photos here: instagram.com/mederosabbatical

Deleted my Twitter back in December of 2021 and took a long break from toot-like social media but I'm going to revive at least this account for short thought time. Hope all my friends here are managing the pandemic alright.

@lmorchard I like the sound of that... off to add it to my goodreads.

@lmorchard would you recommend this book? I tried revelation space and it was fine but for whatever reason I couldn't get entirely into it. I do love me some space operas though.

@lmorchard my kiddo has a switch but I usually play from my iPad Pro so I'm terrible too :) (but I do win from time to time...)

@lmorchard I can't play right now but I'm @soypunk on Epic - we should Duo sometime!

@lmorchard looking like a (as required by The Cure's dressing room rider) snack!

@kellan kiddo not sleeping? you? sleepless nights are the worst and I wish I was your neighbor so I could offer something more than my textual pittance.

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