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Where's the Mastodon for people who want to talk about Mastodon, (the service), microblog (the spec), and similar stuff? Also if people say "bikeshedding" at least once a day there, that's totally up my alley.

@d saw a t-shirt that I briefly thought said "wafer is life." In hindsight "water is life" was a more obvious choice but I guess I love you more.

Also, please make this shirt.

this post about "the evolution of modern web app architecture" on the heroku blog is... vaguely dystopian. not even saying it's inaccurate/bad advice but the language they use... "The constraints of the web’s request/response pattern led to poor user experiences. Imagine if every installed application on your computer had to re-render the entire screen whenever you clicked something!" yes a web of hypertext documents would be horrible! thank god we got rid of that notion

Apparently I cannot escape poor air quality due to fire smoke no matter where I go (on vacation in Washington State from Southern California)

Friend Camp

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