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have also seen some "I have not heard such draconian culture in a tech company: till now."

where the fuck have you been? tech has been this poisoned since the 90s my friend. same shit, new bros.

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the mass firings over at twitter for employees speaking their mind are fascinating.

look, under normal circumstances should you address company concerns with your management in private? ya

twitter is not a normal workplace on any number of axes. for one, twitter has been at the center of "fake news" for so long that the internal culture leans towards transparency. when Elon choose to drag his staff through the mud in public to score points it became "fake news" that had to be corrected.

We suck as humans.

“Two new studies on gender bias in student evaluations of teaching look at the phenomenon from fresh—and troubling—angles:” one study found female instructors “faced more backlash for grades given than did male instructors” and the second, a longitudinal study, found that “older female instructors were rated lower than younger women.”


It is healthy to look back at the monthly cost, your experience, and say "You know, I don't think this is actually worth it."

Your life is full of assumptions you've never questioned and it is well past time to start asking questions. (Many years ago my family asked "huh, do we really need a car?" and the answer changed our life for the better.)

(And for the "we are all too damn busy and stressed out to question the assumptions all the time" - I totally get that feeling. Hugs!)

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The best part of Mastodon right now is instance owners being transparent about running costs. We've (tech) been hiding the costs of "doing business" from folks for so long. People need to appreciate the costs (and probably the hidden cost. stuff like the environmental impact footprint) of having all of these fun tech toys.


so once Elon figured out he couldn't back out of the Twitter deal the new plan was just to run it into the ground and declare bankruptcy, right?

Did you know that if you capitalize each word in a multi-word hashtag, #ScreenReaders can read them as words, but if you leave them lowercase, they can't? Well, now you know! So, for #accessibility, please capitalize words when there's more than one in a hashtag.

#MastodonTip #TwitterMigration

twitter, sexual abuse, minors 

I'm going to bang on this drum I guess some more because I kept seeing a lot folks wistful for the pre-Elon Twitter days.

Twitter was broken before Elon's activities. Like, seriously broken:

I'm glad Elon lit the match that will finally kill the platform but it needed serious fixing well before his involvement and very few people seemed to care at the time.

california politics 

this chart is hilarious. "please tax payers, don't make us do this thing - instead pass this prop so you can do it for us instead."

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california politics 

Anything Lyft has lobbied $45,423,552 on passing is worth voting against.

All right, y’all are a million times nicer than Twitter but you’re *very* white. Do any of y’all know melanated people?

internet standards, activity pub

Indeed, hats off to the ActivityPub folks. Internet Standards work is deeply rewarding but often a thankless pursuit. There's a lot of politics, big personalities, incredible historical complexity, hidden agendas, and occasionally some total randos who seem intent on sabotage good faith efforts for no discernible reason. I dipped my toe in standards work at the W3C for a couple of years and absoutely loved it. Was challenging at times tho.

tabletop gaming 

@trollishdelver has written many stellar indie games and is a bright shinning spot of inclusivity in the "British OSR" scene. (I won't pick a favorite game but Scott's game Quill really opened my brain up about what a game could be.)

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tabletop gaming 

@PSchweig86 maintains a blog of game design reflection and ideas that has been regularly updated since 2010. (Peter also worked on several of many absolute favorite West End Games D6 Star Wars titles, including: the Introductory Adventure Game, Platt's Smugglers Guide, Instant Adventures, & the Star Wars Adventure Journal.)

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tabletop gaming 

Hurrah! It is a great day when you discover that both @PSchweig86 and @trollishdelver are on the Mastadon network.

Two thoughtful voices from the world of tabletop game design. I love how they approach their work and the reflections on others through the lenses of game design, inclusivity, accessibility, and history. Both just happen to have affinity for one of my favorites types of tabletop game design: solitaire play.

I am hiring a product manager for platforms and architecture for the City of San Francisco's digital team. It's a union job in a team that is supportive and kind. Please boost!

a not-so-subtle reminder we’ve been living in a tech hellscape for a _very long time_

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Uber came along not to long after was gleefully happy about violating local, state, and federal laws on US soil.

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anyone remember when Google was like “maybe we should build an artificial island off-shore so we can do whatever we want without having to worry about breaking US laws” and most tech-bros were like “Howard Dean scream” supportive?

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