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Seattle’s cultural tendency towards activism (minimum wage and worker rights are issues you can reliably campaign on) may also be factoring in but the Times only choose to cover that issue as a pejorative. Something something competition in local news.

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My youngest is very into crochet and helped me come up with a pattern to replicate the new “LO-LA” droid from the Obi Wan Kenobi TV show.

ranting about American car-centric culture 

Really love the mindset of pedestrian shaming that is so prominent in America. Here's a completely unrelated transit article in a local community paper where the only comment is a nasty one from someone who I guess does not believe that pedestrians have the right-of-away.

software development 

I've entered some kind of hellscape where I'm laying out complicated visualizations using latex and tikz. save me.

Feeling pretty good right now about my decision to delete my 15 year old Twitter account last December. Still have the same feelings about the western tech world in general: it is terrible.

Work wise I'm transitioning into a CTO role for a small company that I've been a consultant with since 2004~ They are doing good & honest work with "boring" technology (my favorite kind!)

Most recently we were in New York City and saw five Broadway shows in three days thanks to some successful rush, lottery, and "tkts booth" tickets. It was a blast!

Oh and my family and I have been on sabbatical for a bit. We bicycled the West Coast of the United States which you can relive through photos here:

Deleted my Twitter back in December of 2021 and took a long break from toot-like social media but I'm going to revive at least this account for short thought time. Hope all my friends here are managing the pandemic alright.

@d what did you think of Builder Book (noticed it on your pinboard)?

I asked Sam if he wanted to come get a babyccino and he said “grab me one,” so I guess being a teenager starts at almost 3 these days, cool, cool, that’s cool.

Where's the Mastodon for people who want to talk about Mastodon, (the service), microblog (the spec), and similar stuff? Also if people say "bikeshedding" at least once a day there, that's totally up my alley.

@d saw a t-shirt that I briefly thought said "wafer is life." In hindsight "water is life" was a more obvious choice but I guess I love you more.

Also, please make this shirt.

this post about "the evolution of modern web app architecture" on the heroku blog is... vaguely dystopian. not even saying it's inaccurate/bad advice but the language they use... "The constraints of the web’s request/response pattern led to poor user experiences. Imagine if every installed application on your computer had to re-render the entire screen whenever you clicked something!" yes a web of hypertext documents would be horrible! thank god we got rid of that notion

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