based on all the spammer and gab bullshit lately, I just wanna give a big shout out to all the instance admins and mods who are blocking people and instances left and right and doing their best to protect their users. yall the mvps

Apparently from UPS point of view the shortest path from Newark, NJ to my home in Montreal, QC is via:

Louisville, KY - Mansfield, OH - Buffalo, NY - Mount Hope, ON

Very efficient

Current mood:

Googling how long and how costly it is to become an excavator operator.

Sunglasses fashion 

It was weird reading about our little cabin on the quick corporation website.

Also, thanks so much again to Darius for taking care of this space and devoting so much resources to it.

The only Good Place™️ of downtown Montreal is the all-year ice rink.


There is an ice rink in the middle of a food court where one can skate all year, all day.

If it was a Montréal appartement I'm pretty sure a bank would lend us the money.
But it's a house in the middle of nowhere so I can't keep my stable-office-job unless they let me work remotely, which is unlikely.

Monday I was bored so I looked at houses in Newfoundland. I obviously found my partner and I dream house.

Now I can't think about anything but how to afford it while also moving there.

I have 20 years of fullstack web dev, recently PHP/Node/MeteorJS on the back end, EmberJS/SemanticUI/Bootstrap/tiny bit of React on the front end

check out my resume @

Don't let the dev-heavy past fool you, I've done design & client meetings; sales & manual labor - I'm looking for that long-term job that I can retire from, but am willing to help you out on a contract basis for the right challenges - 2/2

work, agile 

good birdsite content 

Daydreaming about working for the Canadian Coast Guards.

Work is making me move.
I'm moving to a smaller cubicle in a much crappier building.
I am .not happy.

But at least it's not in one of the "scrum rooms"

idea: a network of developer co-ops that pledge to share tools and knowledge among each other and excludes privately owned enterprise from accessing them

Ho! Somebody bought a thing on my Redbubble store.

I'm rich!
Of 1€

Rewatched Speed (1994) tonight.

It's actually a great action movie! Lots of tension, just enough fun, lots of cool action not completely over the top and a badass woman character!

hey, my :heart_orange:​ android masto client, @Tusky , just merged the PR that will rickroll people on fash instances. I'm going to show my support by donating to them on , and if you want to support them & have the means, maybe you could too!

I've been listening to Norse inspired music (Heilung) for the last 2h while working and I feel like I'm actually laying down in a pine forest and work is just an hallucination.

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