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Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon


I am so wiped from this week that I am sitting in an armchair eating a cold pasta bake that a friend dropped off a few days ago straight out of the casserole dish

a thing Octavia likes to do is, when I make room for her to sit next to me, demand the other side instead

and we finish this issue of Tea Time Magazine: The Number One Magazine About Tea Time with an ad for orthopedic shoes, thank you, Tea Time Magazine

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"we're over-exploiting a natural resources at the expense of indigenous people, get in on it while you still can!"

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PSA: it's easy to make your own marzipan if you have a food processor and it costs a lot less. thank you that is all

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can you describe a cake as cakelike? I guess so. I get that madeleines are ambiguously in the cookie/cake zone in people's personal taxonomies

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"[Madeleines] were also a favorite of Matthew, whose middle-class upbringing showed when, on his first visit to Downton, he loaded up his plate with the small, delicate cakelike madeleines"

mortifying, imagine your middle class upbringing showing in your cake habits, just IMAGINE

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"Almost five years after the conclusion of the popular television series Downton Abbey and a year following the release of the franchise's feature film...the fanaticism for the British historical drama ceases to fade."

it certainly has ceased to fade among the staff of tea time magazine but...........

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they're really hyping royal albert china this issue, and to be FRANK I think their bone china is excessively thick and heavy-weight and their patterns are uninspired for the price point thank you for your time.

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