the person I told I would block if he emailed me one more time about a low priority bug report...

has emailed me again

pie report 

the peaches I got to eat with yogurt turned out to be mealy so I made a pie with the last of my graying, almost-off leftover pie crust, threw in some fermented blueberries, used a streusel topping because I didn't have enough crust for a top crust, eyeballed it on measurements. turned out pretty good!


just about everything that's going into my very large pot of vegan chili is dealing with some unexpected load from spam activity, I'm working on getting it back to normal

good news 

I also saw a night heron and a coyote

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good news 

I just saw a raccoon go for a swim


I rearranged my cupboards a little and as a result I now keep kimchi powder in the place I used to keep table salt, in the same type of container. Hilarious mishaps are bound to ensue

i needed a way to sample yarn and color combinations without the hassle and waste of warping my regular loom, AND i wanted to learn how to make 3d models for 3d printing... so i made my own little 3d printed frame loom! i designed the model in freecad and printed it with one of the ultimakers in my department's shop. the loom is so small that i didn't bother with a heddle—i wove "manually" using a long tapestry needle and beat the weft with a 99c hair pick from walgreens.

Electronics product rec wanted 

Does anyone have a phone headset (probably Bluetooth) they like? I have the earbuds type but the mic quality isn't great and I make a TON of phone calls

i think i saw adam savage zooming by on a onewheel through the mission, i can't prove this, i can't be sure, but it seems pretty plausible

two items on my grocery list that are grossing me out by their proximity 

- ketchup
- kefir

there should be a word for this 

the transient intimacy created with a stranger, in which the fact of not having an existing relationship or planning to have one after the interaction gives both parties a freedom to share what are otherwise private and tender things

selfies ec 

this is probably as balanced a comparison of pre-HRT and now that is possible short of me going to the hassle of going back to that mural and taking another selfie there. same hair cut, time of day, jacket, etc

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selfies ec 

I noticed I was using an old photo as my slack avatar and... thank u hormones

anyway if you're curious about how to change your gender marker on a kentucky driver's license, you can use a 10 year passport with your correct gender as proof of gender change. If you use a surgeon's letter, it should attest that you have "completed" your transition but doesn't need to specify what type of surgery took place.

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