food dream 

I was making a cacio e pepe latte at a cafe, which was espresso in foamed milk and melted cheese and pepper???

food service 

I had to be like, "well you see, the salted caramel has salt in it"

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food service 

I can't stop thinking about the lady who scoffed at me "salted caramel, how is that different from regular caramel??" and then laughed pointedly at me when I told her how much a pie costs


a customer gave me a persimmon!!!!!

I was raised hardline "rabbits rabbits rabbits" but I think that might be a just my family thing? I actually had no idea other people did variations on this until I was an adult

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What do you say?

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Murder She Wrote 

The victim's troubled young granddaughter is a synth nerd noise musician, just another way in which this show was ahead of its time

I think all github issues should come with the caveat that even if fixing a software bug gives us a fleeting sense of control, our lives are subject to the whims of chance and death remains inevitable


one of my plants had an umbrella stuck to it

I'm fairness it's a pretty fake sounding name and I've lived my entire life on the west coast

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I have now had two (2) dreams about whether Fire Island is a real place and where it might be

every time I see pictures of San Francisco I'm like, "damn, wish I was there" and then I remember that I'm here, love this place

"mouse you can just wear overalls" first of all, how dare you

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there's a guy who passes by my work all the time who wears those blue dickies coveralls (my most coveted and unachievable garment), perfectly paint stained, with big bright green sunglasses and I am obsessed

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I want to be someone who wears overalls but I feel that I am missing some core aptitude

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