I think my toaster stopped working between first and second breakfast today

there are probably max two other people for whom this data would be useful

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I've been maintaining a spreadsheet for personal use of Bay Area campgrounds accessible via public transit, and figured I'd put it on GitHub just for kicks: github.com/mouse-reeve/campgro

breakfast report 

I wasn't sure if the saltiness of the blueberries would be weird but I'm into it

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breakfast report 

phase 1: granola and kefir with lacto-fermented blueberries

phase 2: spinach and mushroom quiche

lake merced is so nice that it's extra fucked how bad the traffic and golf course situation around it is

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sfpol shitpost 

recall boudin sourdough bakery & cafe

dinner report 

I had to wait for the chickpeas to cook so I mis en plas'ed the other ingredients

I got a super helpful person once I figured out how to circumvent their deadend phone tree

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impressively hard to get a hold of someone at this small town Kansas civil courthouse I'm trying to reach

I have approximately one million cousins, at least ONE of them should be gay. statistically speaking I am owed some gay cousins

the intersection of boba and the SF crime beat 

of course the bubble tea place fencing stolen goods is a Quickly

that's right I did reply to some emails today, thank you yes I am a hero

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messed up that anyone would expect me to do anything besides be sad in the woods right now

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