name ideas for FediReads, pls advise

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my other idea was Coronis (it's a piece of punctuation and adjacent) but it seems too, uh, topical-sounding

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@tripofmice something related to it being an Edouard Siddon fan club

@tripofmice can... can it not be FediReads? Because I didn't remember your avi but knew exactly what this was from that name

@maya I think it's a good way of talking about it in a development/mastodon context, but as a name for an application people (who don't necessarily want to get into the nuts and bolts of federation) to use, I worry that it's over-emphasizing technology/implementation

@tripofmice True--but on the other hand, the adoption question is probably going to be "why would I use this instead of GoodReads? and of the GoodReads alternatives, why this one?" and... nice to have an answer in the name

@tripofmice even if it's just "your friend who talks about the 'fediverse' is on there" ;D

@tripofmice "Ravenna" sounds like settling down

You know

When you will no longer Rome

@phooky TIL "Ravenna" is not just a city in Ohio ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

@jleedev @tripofmice How is Ravenna like a writing-desk? They've both spent a lot of time occupied

@tripofmice this has been your Collapse of Imperial Rome Dad Joke for the week of March 1-7

@tripofmice alternate thoughts
"Book Fair"
"Vanity Imprint"

@tripofmice I am useless because I like them all, but Ravenna makes me think of Ohio and that is nice to me

@tripofmice haha aw I didn't realize, I have now participated

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