interesting to me that I can't use my laptop keyboard and my external keyboard in conjunction. like if I press shift on my external keyboard, and a letter on my laptop keyboard, I get lowercase

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@tripofmice you can tho. command/control + key will work. shift + letter is handled on the keyboard side I believe

@tripofmice hmm. I'm using two apple keyboards and maybe that's the difference? just testing keyboards and command/option/function work cross keyboard either way

@tripofmice oh, wait. it's possible karabiner is enabling this. one moment

@tripofmice I'm using the same setup as you. the answer is that karabiner-elements, the key rebinding program I use is what is enabling this, not macos

@tripofmice hmm. I would have assumed function worked the same way as shfit but it can be used across (apple) keyboards. wild

@tripofmice if you press shift on both keyboards the letters should be REALLY LOUD

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