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Religious ad 

I hate that this would match my china

Some exciting things to look forward to from the table of contents: a new featured teapot, a lot of wedding content, and a "heartfelt poem"

"Those of use who truly love tea as a beverage would find it difficult to even imagine a day going by in which we did not partake of the wonderful elixir."

what a sentence!

do you.. you know.... "partake of the wonderful elixir"?

"If you've always wanted to host a tea party but found you lacked the necessary china..."

friend, I live alone and I have more than 25 tea cups, I have never been more ready

'...six charming venues ... that combine weddings with afternoon tea in "To Sip and to Hold"'

to sip and to hold, omg

I'm getting powerfully heterosexual vibes from this issue

the classic TeaTIme magazine ad trifecta: a scone company, a recipe-ad for a cozy mystery, and some truly ugly jewelry

recipe ad for a murder mystery novel 

I'm unironically into tea pairings for books though

there's an ad for a different cozy murder mystery on the next page! abundance!

On the calendar is a Hobbit themed tea, which, you know what, yes

I think this is the first time I've seen a gaiwan in TeaTime Magazine! definitely a different style of tea drinking

omg there's also an ad on this page for the "Polite Society School of Étiquette" and they put the diacritic on the "E" every time

this is from an article about mug warmers in which they conclude, just drink your tea faster so it doesn't get cold.

gratuitous picture of my tea setup 

(right now I'm drinking a small pot of butter oolong and re-steeping every few minutes, which is ideal)

an ad for a resort that doesn't show or mention their tea offerings? sub-par.

food pic 

I'm a sucker for rosette tarts like this tbh. I made a persimmon frangipane tart for last christmas in this style and it ruled

mountaineering food 

my parents were hardcore mountaineers in the 70s, and they told us stories growing up about eating "kendall mint cakes" on expeditions, which are literally just sugar and a bit of peppermint oil.

featured today in TeaTime magazine appears to be a recipe for kendall mint cakes with added butter, and I believe, friends, that unless you were snow camping on a mountain ledge, they would be quite gross

oh no

this is worse than I thought

it's a gender reveal tea party. I'm so sorry

just goes to show that sometimes you should NOT have a tea party.

food pic, a nice thing to take our minds off the preceding horrors 

Okay this spread looks really good:
- tangerine tartlets
- chocolate almond madeleines
- lemons elderflower sandwich cookies

food pic 

what on earth are those pastries supposed to be??? tragically malformed scones?

they're featuring "The Enchanted Dollhouse" as a wedding venue as if it isn't clearly part of a terrible fate in a horror movie

from a feature on a wedding planner:

"...the experience of [tea], I definitely think that is part of my mission, so I pass it on to my brides."

I can only assume this means she has numerous wives and is adding more every day

"Robin Campbell Wilhelm inherited her lifelong love of English china from her mother, practically at birth."

"love of English china" is a good euphemism for generational wealth

it's possible theirs isn't fluted like mine is, this pattern has been used for a long time by a few different china companies

tf when you're tired of pesticides tainting your passion and envy

this is such an awkward photo but I would look cute as heck in his outfit

the title of the accompanying article is "The Mysterious Brew" I can only imagine how dark the mystery is

a few misc ads and that's the magazine! thanks for enjoying this issue of TeaTime Magazine with me, folks


and if you feel like the gender reveal content puts TeaTime Magazine in the cancelled category, I regret to inform you that weird colonialism got it there many issues ago.

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