let this be a warning: I have a new, unopened copy of teatime magazine, just ready and waiting

every issue I'm relieved to see that it's still North America's #1 Tea Magazine

I guess the theme is mother's day/father's day, and also summer.

Question from the reader: "...does high tea involve involve soup and salad along with the scones, savories, and sweets? When I had the opportunity to visit London years ago and took high tea there, that was not the case. Does a true high tea include soup and salad?"

Get it together Susan, there was an entire article about this in the last issue jeez

This issue's "Cozy Corner Mystery" is "Caramel Pecan Roll Murder" which frankly seems like they're getting a bit desperate for titles that have recipe tie-ins

Nothing in the synopsis says anything about how caramel pecan rolls are involved in the murder (as the killer? the victim?) AND ALSO
why is the recipe for an unrelated pastry??

it's not just mother's day events, there's also a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee tea on the events calendar. It's at "UK Corner Shoppe" in San Diego, in case you were wondering what American anglophilia looks like

Oh there's also a "Father's Day Tea with The Beatles" - big props to them for landing that band at their event

ooh here's an ad for a store that sells "couture tea" and hats - what else do you need

fucked up how much I unironically want these expensive children's tea party toys

we've hit the first article: "We Are All Members of the Family of Tea"


"I don't speak Japanese, and Tsuchiya spoke no English. Nonetheless we were communicating through our eyes, breath, pauses."

TeaTime branded erotica

I can't get over this ad's art, accompanied by appears to be a 1990s era CGI rendering? It's giving me The Manhole/Myst vibes

the featured china pattern is "Chintz in Bloom", which, thank you for that name. never let us shy away from chintziness

"Meaningful Moments with Mom" hell yeah get that alliteration

pastry opinion 

I think this quiche is too shallow, and the crust-to-filling ration would be off as a result! This is practically just egg-washed pie crust

please enjoy this nautical, masculine tea set they picked for their father's day feature

Not as strong on the alliteration front here, but they tried

off-the-hook scone idea 

"Everything Bagel Scone" with smoked gouda 🤯

I'd be judgy but I love weird food and I had an amazing "everything bagel" croissant once that humbled me

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@tripofmice Is it like one of those Beer-Hats, where you have two beer cans attached to it, connected by a straw?
But with proper fancy mugs?

@schokopflaster I am visualizing this with all my might, a teapot on either side of the head, boiling tea steaming from the straw

@tripofmice What could go wrong?
The catwalks end rush-hour commuters will love them!

@objelisks gosh I would LOVE for them to do a piece on the utah teapot


I don't really know what to say about this.

I mean, besides tasteless men of the sea jokes.

pastry opinion 

@tripofmice this is a terrible quiche!

@tripofmice when googling to see if "whimsey" is an accepted spelling of "whimsy", i learned that the word is "probably based on whim-wham"

@tripofmice whim-wham!!!!


a quaint and decorative object; a trinket.

a whim.

"the follies and whim-whams of the metropolis"


People in nightclub toilets, drunkenly tearing open teabags and rolling up bank notes 😆


Salad with tea? 😱

Doesn't seem quite right somehow?

@tripofmice high tea is when you have unlimited soup, salad, and bread sticks. high tea: when you're here, you're family

@tripofmice Does that mean... there are others with which it's competing? Mind-boggling...

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