I can't handle the social burden of remembering which of my friends hate noel fielding and which love him

@tripofmice my only exposure to NF is in Taskmaster so he's ok by me

@tripofmice I love him but am always prepared to hear he's been properly cancelled

@todrobbins celebrity culture is a trap!! but he's been delightful to watch in the things I've seen him in

@tripofmice i dislike him for might boosh related missteps

racism, transphobia, etc. 

@todrobbins in mighty boosh they did brown face in a few skits, and i find the "old greg" skit to be upsetting and othering

racism, transphobia, etc. 

@casey ah yes... i almost forgot about all of that

thank you

@tripofmice who is he? (Third category of friend has arrived)

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