I'm closing registration temporarily on bookwyrm.social because it's overloaded and my work schedule won't permit me to be available for BookWyrm stuff.

But don't be sad, there are a bunch of lovely instances that are not absolutely slammed at the moment! Consider trying one of them: joinbookwyrm.com/instances/

And consider supporting BookWyrm on Patreon: patreon.com/bookwyrm

I upgraded our server to a bigger size, but I am going to let some backed up tasks complete before reopening registration.

Just a status update, I improved how the server is allocating resources and the high priority tasks are doing well, although imports are still backlogged.

I have one big performance but fix I'd like to get in place, which I plan to start tomorrow, and once that's working I'll reopen bookwyrm.social


I've tentatively re-opened registration on bookwyrm.social/ after doing a bunch of things to improve performance. Import however are disabled for the time being while I continue getting that situation under control.

And remember, you can always join another instance, or start your own!

@tripofmice thanks! Are there no mangas available though? Would be nice to keep track of and share manga we’re reading too

@tripofmice @ignis thank you, I really want that site to succeed. A problem with other instances is they won’t have the books will they? I added lots to your database and would have to do that again

@shauny instances can share books, so books you added to bookwyrm.social can be loaded from elsewhere when you search for them :)

@tripofmice nice, ok, didn’t see that in my testing. I may self-host then, if there’s a way to migrate what I’ve done so far!

@tripofmice hi! I had a look but couldnt find the info anywhere - could you tell me what kind of resources running an instance of Bookwyrm eats up?

I have a server running a pleroma instance + some other stuff, using 40% of its 2GB RAM currently - do you think I have space to squeeze in a small bookwyrm instance?

Thanks for all your great work on the project btw!

@tripofmice Thank so much for all your work! We are on the way of starting our own instance and we will support your Patreon, it is the least we can do :)

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