someone who is good at the disk space please help me budget this. my family is dying

spelling bee spoilers 

these fools haven't heard of the minicoconut

Don't think we were going to finish this issue without some creepy ceramic dogs

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I love this 1811 china pattern design book and I ALSO love that in the caption they say "buyers, including Jane Austen, could order tableware..."

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this is the first time the tea spread has been all unflavored! love to see a tasting note

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food pic 

I'm very interested to find out more about these buns! What are they

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the most exciting thing about this cover is that the teapot may be from the same set as the teacup I'm using right now

and obviously the history of Wedgewood, whom among us has not been waiting with bated breath for that

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Eagle finial from like spatula
Middle Sepik, latmul
19th - early 20th century
Cassowary bone, pigment, tassels, shell discs

I forgot to post on the bookwyrm matrix chat but I'm fully offline this weekend vibing in the woods so please don't break bookwyrm until Monday earliest


just about everything that's going into my very large pot of vegan chili

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