apparently I don't even have npm installed, truly I am stuck in the olden days of web development

my screenreader pronounces "reading" like "redding" and it's driving me up a wall

Selfie, EC 

@gracie I love seeing your selfies! you look so much more like yourself all the time.

sleep schedule 

I've been grumpy about waking up in the dark all winter but now I'm gonna miss the pretty sunrises and I'm grumpy about THAT

I cleaned my entire apartment in anticipation of a zoom call and I gotta say, absolutely unnecessary and highly recommend

selfie, ✨hormones✨ 

this was my hair texture pre-t????

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thank you, hormones, for this new curly phase of my life

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how could my tests be failing, I specifically made my commit message "fixes tests"

music q 

is there a word for in a song, when there's an instrumental break that depicts something obscene in the narrative that isn't explicit in the lyrics?


I've been giving people 5 invites when they ask for bookwyrm invites because I feel like joining a social network can be really lonely or daunting and it's nice to come with friends? seems like maybe a third I've the codes I've shared have been used more than once

octavia just looked up the dictionary definition of "664"

I appreciated the mechanic saying "this is a track bike??" to me in an accusatory tone. I know, friend.

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