@anarchiv the less ripe ones were more like that (but very sour). I didn't eat this specific one, but the ones like it were riper and more sweet

I've had some technical difficulties with email, so if you emailed me and I didn't reply, it's because I lost your email. You're welcome to email me again


@d6 always makes me think of the time I was drinking lapsang souchong in a meeting and my coworker started panicking because he thought the smell was from an electrical fire

are you always yourself in your dreams?

I'm in the latter category and I didn't realize until very recently that it's not universal. Often I'm someone else or not present in dreams, and sometimes I switch perspective between characters within the same dream

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are you always yourself in your dreams?

@nasser at first I didn't read will short was a name which changes this post

@casey buying groceries with my Early Buddhist Texts card

It's pretty slapdash but it's for a baby who presumably won't be born a quilting snob

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yeah i had surgery 4 days ago i am doing great, ready to fight god, but also no I cannot wash dishes

breakfast report 

pumpkin and mock duck congee with a fried egg

@edwardloveall not super intuitive! Feel free to open a GitHub issue for if you'd like :)

@edwardloveall you can add a rating from the book page, underneath the cover on the left

bakery life 

Some guy walked up to the counter and pointed at a customer who just left who looked absolutely nothing like Patti Smith and said, "she looks like Patti Smith!" then left without buying anything

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every once in a while I involuntarily remember my first tech job, as a sys admin for a cluster running a homebrew Red Hat variant that was inexplicably chicken nugget themed, in an office that was covered in dead ladybugs. truly a fever dream

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