I can't remember what his fatal error was with the elves which is probably a bad sign

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a cool thing about having contributors in distant timezones is that I wake up in the morning with a bunch of pull requests waiting for me like the shoemaker in the fairy tale

I was not emotionally ready for what would happen when I blew out my laptop keyboard with compressed air

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How to make your own chemical weapons wipes 

Rosehip Medics in Portland OR documented their recipe and assembly process for their DIY chem wipes (for treating tear gas & pepper spray), you can download the pdf here: filedropper.com/diypseudoconch

Stay safe!

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software managers everywhere are hunting for the mythical man-moth. if you see him please tell him he'll be safe at my place

proposal for a new grammatical case 

@maya this rules, thank you

proposal for a new grammatical case 

when you're talking about human behavior, the case would mark whether it was based on:
- first-hand observation
- friends-cousins-girlfriends-brother-hand observation
- one of those "studies" that has 5 participants that are all the researchers friends and no control
- something someone claimed on twitter

buy nothing/hrt shitposting 

scrolled into this on my neighborhood buy nothing and immediately was like... "isn't that illegal? that's rad but I didn't expect the free sharing of controlled substances HERE of all places"

alc shitposting 

@nicknicknicknick kciked out of therapy yet again for getting soused with my buds

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