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@liaizon personally invited, maybe two months ago. Invited by Matt email, probably a couple weeks ago

bakery life 

we had extra dough so I made a super top secret staff challah with everything bagel seasoning, braided it very nicely and forgot to take a picture


Outfit sets include:
- three women in black and white striped shirt with blue jeans
- two friends in shiny black cargo pants and white tank tops
- two young guys in the exact same white and red speckled short with black slacks and square toed dress shoes
- three queers in high waisted black jeans and white button downs

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I have seen an uncanny number of separate small groups of people wearing matching outfits today

GBBO ep. 2 

the contestants who made beautiful chocolate feathers in the technical should have gotten extra points imo

someone who is good at the disk space please help me budget this. my family is dying

I have upgraded Dolphin Town to a version of Mastodon that is actually compatible with much of the fediverse again. So you can like. Follow and interact again from other servers.

You can follow me at @e

music brainworm 

the Clash's London Calling but the line changed to "phony Lisztomania has bitten the dust"

spelling bee spoilers 

these fools haven't heard of the minicoconut

re: stable diffusion, ai imagery, utah teapot 

@phooky please do this

@phooky and thereby missed a chance to have a rice pudding macaron dedicated to him

@checkervest wow you're right, I didn't even notice it but it rules

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