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I put a ui update on, it's still not very fleshed out in many places and still needs some thought/debugging, but it's somethin

baking recipe recs wanted 

let's take climate change this seriously

I left the house today 

Uspol shitposting 

my other idea was Coronis (it's a piece of punctuation and adjacent) but it seems too, uh, topical-sounding

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name ideas for FediReads, pls advise

a friend pointed out to me that FediReads is a bad name (it's focused on a technical/implementation aspect, federation, and not on just wanting to talk about books) and I agree, but have no other ideas?

suggestions welcomed

Are your kids texting about texting?

SMS - short message service
GSM - global system for mobiles
CDMA - code division multiple access
TMDA - time division multiple access
SIM - subscriber identity module
GPRS - general packet radio service
BTS - base transceiver station

I've released a new Hometown, v1.0.3+3.1.2. This only upgrades Mastodon to 3.1.2, which incorporates a security fix so I encourage Hometown admins to upgrade asap. Also you get neat new Mastodon features like bookmarks and admin announcements.

More here:

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