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You Only Live Once (1937) 

p sure the message of this movie is that either that crime is good or that marriage is bad

I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, authorizing him to launch an assault on Dolphin Town.

food crime 

if there's a legal limit to how much rice you're allowed to eat I'm about to find it

wild and unexpected evening plans 

gonna watch the maltese falcon for the unknownth time and drink hot cocoa

emacs isn't working on my laptop and dangit I don't even LIKE using emacs it should at least have the decency to open

I have suddenly become convinced there's a word for "dust pan" that I can't think of

for the first few months I was getting constant implicit feedback just from being in the world?? and now????? nothing

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desk selfie, ec 

I feel like my face shape is a lil different now but it's hard to pin it down

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