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what I've learned from hanging out with non-Americans this weekend 

the term "strip mall" sounds a lot more salacious than it really is

(sam spade really is a very different character from philip marlow tho)

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Effie holds this outfit together she should be the protagonist

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certainly Bogart is hard to match as the hardboiled PI (Eliot Gould imo is the only competition), but who today could compare with Peter Lorre as Joel Cairo

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weird that no other movies exist, luckily this is a good one

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what movie should I watch tonight


I have work I need to do today but all I want to do is catalog my weird little treats

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Avocado toast toppings I have on hand:
- salt and pepper
- egg (to fry or poach)
- preserved egg yolk
- kimchi powder
- rice seasoning
- nutritional yeast

sometimes I think about how much it would cost if I bought all the books I read instead of getting them from the library and it boggles the mind


just ate my first and second nectarines of summer :)))

dinner plan 

roasted veggies (corn, portobello mushrooms, and chinese cauliflower) and beyond sausage topped with blueberry sauce made from fresh and fermented blueberries

will it be good? will it be weird? mix of both???

I'm a huge sucker for a little wooden bridge on a hiking trail, but a folksy ladder? heck

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