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I sort of thought I'd be seeing Bridgerton references these days but I wonder if that's too racy

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"According to the best cookbooks of the day, teatime during the Regency period included such delights as Seed Cake Blanc'mange, Bath Cakes, Ratafia Biscuits, Quaking Pudding, and Naples Biscuits. You might think you recognize some of these delights, but in the days before raising agents and standard recipe terms..., you might not get what you were expecting."

this is the first paragraph of their description of a (cozy corner) murder mystery novel.

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Never one to shy from controversy, this issue will get into the "ongoing debate between the Cornish method of eating [clotted cream] on scones (jam first, then cream) and the Devonshire method (cream first, then jam)."

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food pic mystery solved 

they are "Cornish splits, which are yeasted buns filled with jam and cream"

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they're selling a wall calendar! they know their audience: people too old for computers

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food pic 

I'm very interested to find out more about these buns! What are they

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what an apropos day for unbridled anglophilia -- surely nothing problematic here

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dang I also overlooked that this is the annual British issue!! iconic

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okay I'm also very excited to demystify clotted cream, there's a lot to look forward to in this issue

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the most exciting thing about this cover is that the teapot may be from the same set as the teacup I'm using right now

and obviously the history of Wedgewood, whom among us has not been waiting with bated breath for that

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🍵 🕐 📖 🕑


(it's TeaTime Magazine time!!)

things I found while cleaning files off my phone to make room for music 

- somebody's masters thesis on securely timestamping news media
- a video of my friend's BTS drag performance (impeccable)
- name change legal packets for multiple counties across the country
- an academic journal article titled "The Censorship of Sex: A Study of Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep in Franco’s Spain"
- an application for an artist's residency only open to Tagalog speakers under the age of 20

what is going on with the algorithm 

apple podcasts usually gives me pretty well tailored ads (REI, merino wool, the credit union I already use and is only available in my city) but I just now got an ad for a storage unit company in south carolina and the right wing app PARLOR???

from the wikipedia page on the author, "Von Reinhold was briefly a princess, having married into a minor branch of the Grimaldi family at the age of 17. She divorced her husband after discovering anarcho-communism." (

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"("I don't mind being called birdbrained, in fact it makes me feel avian and charming — like a Luxury," Erskine-Lily said to me days later. "It's being called the other thing. Man. So harsh and vulgar. So... absolute. It always makes me feel sick. Quite disgusting," and shivered involuntarily.)"

-- "Lote", page 316

I got the MPX vaccine and now I listen to The Mountain Goats. coincidence?????

I put this little nub of ginger in water to grow roots, and it turned into a pokemon

why yes I am getting the most out of my free museum access

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