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real talk for people who try to impress their friends with their knowledge of pastries at French bakeries when buying cannelé 

they're not made with beeswax. we just spray the pans with Pam

I am hiring a product manager for platforms and architecture for the City of San Francisco's digital team. It's a union job in a team that is supportive and kind. Please boost!

breakfast report 

fried pumpkin gnocchi topped with mushroom scrambled eggs

now that I can lift things 

I should go backpacking!!

omg I'm so sore from what was previously a totally normal amount of picking things up

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i think all the time about my friend's little brother who, when his mom was telling him off for something, would look her right in the eye and turn off his hearing aids

Just a status update, I improved how the server is allocating resources and the high priority tasks are doing well, although imports are still backlogged.

I have one big performance but fix I'd like to get in place, which I plan to start tomorrow, and once that's working I'll reopen

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GBBO ep 8 

vol-au-vents? not excited about this

a coyote ran across the street while I was biking to work yesterday

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It's wonderful to see so many new users on BookWyrm and the fediverse! But also overwhelming for a small project like this one.

If you're excited about the project, consider supporting BookWyrm on Patreon:

Has anyone who joined bookwyrm taken the guided tour? Would you be interested in giving me feedback on what was helpful and what wasn't?

oh no, I'm now seeing things in regular life and having to suppress the urge to yell about how it's totally just like something in ancient Sumer in inappropriate situations

today is the day!! the day I'm allowed to lift things that weight more than 15 pounds!!!

nanogenmo variant where you have to manually write a novel but make it seem generated

I upgraded our server to a bigger size, but I am going to let some backed up tasks complete before reopening registration.

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bakery gender 

I think I've fully shifted in the public eye from dyke to twink

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bakery gender 

I'm apparently at an intersecting phase of job and appearance that gay men periodically call things out from the street at me, like "ooh, absolutely!" and "well aren't you a treat!" that are plausibly about pastries but delivered a little lasciviously for that

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