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bird neighbor news!!!! 

the spot at the very top of a big tree outside my window where this one hawk ALWAYS hang out had a great blue heron just chillin this morning!!!

things I've learned using bokowyrm with a screenreader 

bookwyrm is pronounced in the german style, with a "V" (at least in the apple voiceover default voice)

now that I'm properly using bookwyrm (instead of just testing it), I've discovered that the two reasons I still use goodreads are:
1) annual reading challenge progress
2) user curated lists of books

I did NOT realize that this is a novelization by a different author when I bought it while all the libraries were closed, so I'm entering it to it a little resentfully. But I don't have any other novels on hand.

(comment on "Unexpected Guest")

bookwyrm progress 

I revamped the way posts display so that they're legible on mobile

""Hell! You're the guy who put the bee on that hot rod!""
-- "Trouble Is My Business"

people say this about me all the time
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