unbearable cuteness 

Hello everyone Danielle is driving but wanted me to post a photo of the kittens

*slaps roof of bird* this bad boy can fit so many feathers in it

*slaps roof of Kew Gardens* this bad boy can fit so many rosebushes in it

check out these Black Lives Matter/defund the police zines (i alreadu requested chicago and she's workin on it)

hey y’all, i know a black woman looking for a new opportunity! she’s a brilliant mid-level full stack engineer who LOVES python and is especially interested in machine learning, AR & VR! she has two years of experience, a BA in CS and math, is in portland but open to relo/remote

Similarly, a quote from Ursula Le Quin: “We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings." had me thinking about how much effort must have been needed to end monarchies. But it still happened, so we needn't think any social injustice can't be ended.

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one way you can tell that cops are bad people is that they're not mass-resigning right now

I think the best thing I have ever typed is

"give your money, be a human shield or shut up."

engrave this on my crypt

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some cookie math & facts:
• i have made 386 cookies, sold 254, and have 132 left
• i've raised $630.70 in about 24 hours, but would LOVE to hit 1000
• they are VERY good cookies
• all proceeds will be split evenly between reclaim the block, black visions collective, and the women for political change mutual aid fund
• if you're not in portland and can donate, you can do so directly:

🍪​ 🖤 ​ 🍪 ​ 🖤 ​🍪

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are you in portland? do you like cookies and hate when police murder black people? i'm selling cookies for pick-up in SE portland tomorrow with all proceeds going to bail funds and community orgs in minneapolis


The inside of my brain is just a little marching band of preschoolers banging pots and pans together yelling “WHY CANT I DO ANYTHING I WANT” in unison, and it’s not going to change until quarantine ends

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