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over here absolutely losing it imagining someone taking off a cowboy hat and there are 3 smaller cowboy hats under it

nurse cat is on high alert and/or loving life, imagine your human bed having an elevated temperature AND being in a sunbeam

food veg 

i miss food fight because i could always go get like, an onion? a lemon? within a 2 minute walk. also i had a nearly-full soft serve punch card!!!! sorry idk why i'm grocposting so much i'm stir crazy from isolating

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food veg 

this store is what i wish the liquid store was!! not dunking on the liquid store i love it too, but i wish they had ranch

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food veg 

oh good lord the new vegan bulk store has the ranch from sizzle pie in BULK. oh no

i love teen karaoke on a professional sound system right outside

the cleaning app 

“in this update we’ve made your nasty rooms look filthier”

coffee innovation 

just dump half a protein shake into a glass of cold brew and then fight god

food veg/non-veg 

love when something is Chicken Style

no one else hears this horse so now i'm like great, a new symptom

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this is called "binaries" but i think it should be called The Troll Zone

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in a workshop with Big Client, doing an activity where we lightly troll them and they go "hey wait a minute!!!" and it's fun and also very useful

just heard a horse on a zoom call and can't focus i'm looking for the horse

body image lol 

someone in the lifting discord said that one of their first major body changes after a few months was just being generally shaped like a barrel, and so i have looked in the mirror and exclaimed "don't take that chili barrel to hogwarts!!!" multiple times today

robot vacuum just brought me two mice and a covid test, thanks bud

wish my pants would arrive before my doctor appointment so she can diagnose me with Cool Pants

the thing about rihanna is that she is absolutely gorgeous and not from this planet, and the thing about drake is that he needs to calm way the hell down

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lol i was gonna open camp to post about work but instead i googled work and now i'm watching this

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