i am the last living representative of the Much Music viewership; george stroumboulopoulos chases me across the tundra and shoves a rebreather in my mouth so i can host his new live instagram channel and talk about music and stuff i like on the internet.

shaq is teaching a class on geography when suddenly 600 coins appear in his pockets. there's a beat, and then he awkwardly shuffles away at speed.

playing a game that's like stardew valley only massively multiplayer and much, much more cynical about domestic labour under capitalism. character portraits and dialogue presented as in fritz lang's Metropolis.

first i had a series of dreams of my home town, my family.
then a dream where i was chosen to play Robin in a stand-alone film; i played him with a scottish accent, found a terrible criminal, beat the shit out of him b/c the cops weren't going to, then ran from the police.
in the next dream my brother confronted me for my use of violence, then i went back through all the prior dreams and, in a fury, excoriated all innocent bystanders who refused to witness the injustices in the world.

John C Reilly was an alien bug disguised as an fbi agent and let a giant cockroach into my apartment prior to the main insect invasion; as i ran out into the street the air was alive with a distant buzzing.

a very dangerous night.
- walking through a hostile brooklyn neighbourhood (though we found a kitten shrine)
- in a beautiful national park, running away from a surging flash flood
- a fun open-world game, a mix of thief, winback, and mgs. i'm discovered, chased, cornered, and kira nerys rescues me.

i can't, like, draw, but the kitten shrine looked something like this, down the stairs in an alleyway behind an abandoned playground.

in the Prey universe, exploring a midcentury modern complex, shooting mimics made of clay.

a woman i'm crushing on is posted in the military, in the campground i visit often. i take pictures of tall grasses shorn evenly in half. i meet the woman. we, well. the next day, she's several months pregnant. i visit the campsite but a dark & terrifying tornado hits. i hide under a coffee table from my parents' place; she is swept away. the storm clears, i want coffee, am (as usual) disappointed there's only tim hortons.

what i'm saying is it's good that therapy starts again tomorrow.

followed up with a dream in my childhood home of 20 years~

we were having our christmas party with several guests; the dining room was full of life and movement, the kitchen was a wreck. the latter bothered me more than anything so i left and walked around my neighbourhood, wondering – within the dream – how this dream recapitulated my life, my therapy, the art that i consume/want to make. returning home, only my mum was left in the empty house, she noticed i looked tired and angry.

i somehow devised a fully-functional doom .wad... only one level, but some new monsters (squishy blue spiders), new weapons (tbf just a different plasma rifle), and a tense, close-quarter ambush & cyberdemon encounter. my mind was accurately tracking all the enemies and i think in the end i was able to de-escalate the cyberdemon.


watching the first ever simpsons halloween episode. homer j simpson / philip j fry is dead, and we watch as he gradually descends into an interminable, barren sadness as the empty house around him, his only haunt, all that he cares about, endures into a desolate, dusty, lonely eternity.

i'm babysitting baby me in my family's old house. i turn my back for one second and i'm climbing on the dishwasher to sneak some cookies.

i get a kickstarter update that my friend backed a game called Knights of Lombardy.

that's basically it, but now that i'm awake i really want to know what that game is.

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